rPET Granules

Material obtained through the recycling of PET bottles. Characterized by high quality compatible with the primary material. It serves as a direct additive to the primary material or its complete alternative.

PET Regrind

Material obtained through the mechanical processing of PET bottles. A raw material characterized by high purity and homogeneity of flakes. Widely used in the plastics industry.

Materials PET Off-spec

PET Off-Spec refers to PET (polyethylene terephthalate) materials that do not meet standard quality requirements but still have the potential for reuse in technical applications. The PET Off-Spec production process involves the selection of materials that do not meet full standards, followed by their processing to obtain new raw materials with a reduced environmental impact.

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We offer off-spec, off-grade materials, and by-products related to the PET processing process. We provide our customers with access to a wide and diverse range of both medium and lower quality products. Our offer includes raw materials that are selectively and stably available, ensuring regular deliveries every month. Feel free to send inquiries regarding information about your needs.

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